Barnfind Racer – 1942 Harley Davidson WLA

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After sitting in a barn in Utah since 1950, this WLA was discovered in May. It runs and the seller has put on 200 miles since bringing it back to life – are you going to put it on the street or race with it?

The WLA was from Harley’s war effort, but this bike (VIN: 42WLA11432) has obviously had some modifications over the years. It has a rebuilt M51 carb and rebuilt Joe Hunt Magneto, though there’s not charging system as the bike is setup to race. Other noteworthy features include 1941 gas tanks, a new head gasket, custom handlebars, made by the seller, new primary chain and drive chain, the rear fender from a Harley-Davidson Hummer, a front fender that’s been narrowed, and a piecemeal springer front end. The engine cases match.

Find this WLA racer for sale in Phoenix, Arizona with bidding up to $13,960