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2010 Yamaha VMAX

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Post Listing Update: This VMAX did not meet reserve despite 24 bids up to $8,000 on eBay. Power cruisers are definitely not everyone’s idea of a good time. For me though, there is no better way to ride low and…sort of slow. The VMAX houses a monstrous 1679cc V-4 pushes out 197 hp. Massive six piston calipers clamp dual front …

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1974 Moto Guzzi Eldorado Police

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The best selling model MG ever produced, the Eldorado has been a classic for decades. This Moto Guzzi Eldorado Police is an excellent example of MG’s pride and joy – though this is one of the many Police variants, which competed with Harley-Davidson for emergency service duty all across the country.

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230 Miles – 2003 Yamaha V-Max

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When it was first released in 1985, the Yamaha V-Max wan an instant hit that was named Bike of the Year by Cycle Guide. The first generation lasted a whopping 22 years with minimal changes, ending when Yamaha finally released an all-new bike (called the VMAX) in 2008 – as a 2009 model.

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1937 Harley-Davidson UL Flathead

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Post Listing Update: This got less action the second time around, with 21 bids up to $42,100 on eBay. 2-16-19 Update: Almost four years later, this UL is being sold again. It’s moved to Texas, and the new seller has better photos and more information. After the Ogar restoration, the bike was sold to Dale Walksler – the man behind …

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50th Anniversary Project – 1954 Harley-Davidson KH

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Post Listing Update: This KH did not meet reserve despite 41 bids up to $11,000 on eBay. In 1952, Harley announced the new Model K. Raised compression and bigger cams were good for 30 hp from 45 cubic inches. For their 50th anniversary in 1954, Harley introduced the redesigned KH model and continued their bigger is better mentality, bumping engine …

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1938 Harley-Davidson EL

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Post Sale Update: This EL sold for a cool $100,000 after 75 bids on eBay. Harley introduced the Knucklehead in 1936 as a 1,000cc V-Twin. While H-D had been using overhead valves in race bikes previously, this was their first usage of the technology in a production motor. It’s a beautiful motor that has stood the test of time, even …

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2001 BMW R1200C Montana

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Post Sale Update: sold for $5,400 after 67 bids on eBay. First shown to the world in the 1997 Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, the BMW R1200C was Germany’s attempt to break into the cruiser market. There was a lot to like about it objectively, however American riders never fell in love with the distinct styling and the non-V-Twin motor.