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1973 Honda Elsinore 250

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This Honda Elsinore 250 is a first-year model of Honda’s first serious dirt bike. Frankly, it was the first serious dirt bike to come straight from an OEM – other bikes required serious modifications from the factory floor. It was the first bike Honda built from scratch instead of trying to adapt a street bike to the dirt. Honda signed …

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1973 Hodaka Combat Wombat

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I’m not going to lie – part of the reason I’m featuring this bike because it has one of the greatest vehicle names ever. With that said, this Japanese-American joint venture produced a series of very popular bikes during the 60s and 70s, with fantastic names like the Combat Wombat shown here, as well as the Dirt Squirt and Road …

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1989 Suzuki LT500R – Quadzilla

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It’s not every day that the currently fastest vehicle in an industry was made back in the 80s, but that what seems to have happened with ATVs. In the 80s, Suzuki took the lead in performance All-Terrain-Vehicles, and competed with Yamaha’s Banshee with their LT500R QuadRacer. Because of its incredible size and speed, the Suzuki LT500R became known as “Quadzilla”. …

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1974.5 Maico 400

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Post-Listing Update: This Maico 400 was pulled from eBay, final sale price unknown. Despite the reputation for poor reliability, by 1973 the Maico 400 was the top choice of open class riders in the US. Because of that, for those in the know, the 1974.5 Maico 400 is one of the most sought-after vintage MX bikes of all time. Here’s …

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2WD – 1969 Rokon Trailbreaker

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Founded in the early 60s, Rokon was created to sell a two-wheel drive ‘moto-tractor’. Using a combination of belt, chain, and shaft drives, both the front and rear wheels are powered, enabling the rider to cover the most rugged of terrain. These older Rokons are powered with a 130cc Chrylser engine, though newer ones come with Honda engines producing no …