Coast to Coast – We’re Off!

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By the time you see this, Nathan and I will have already started our attempt at the Iron Butt Association 50CC Quest – coast to coast in 50 hours. You can probably figure out what bike I decided to end up taking, and I appreciate everyone’s suggestions from months ago! As you may have seen already, I’ve ridden from California to Florida over the last week or so. Nathan flew in yesterday, and we hit the road this morning. Want to follow along as we go from Jacksonville to Santa Monica (~2,500 miles)? Here’s a link that you can use to view our progress:


If you prefer visuals, I’ll be adding to my story on Instagram:

If you’ve never used Instagram before, just click that link, then click the Bike-urious logo and you’ll get little photo and video snippets from our trip!

Obviously, I won’t be featuring any bikes for sale tomorrow. If everything goes well, I’ll see you on Monday!

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