Japan Domestic Market – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited Edition

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OK, I promise after this I’ll take a break from featuring early GSX-Rs – feels like I’m sharing one a day right now. But I have to feature this one because I don’t know if it there’s a more special variant of the early Gixxers in the US. This here is a JDM version of the instant-classic Limited Edition of Suzuki’s GSX-R 750. And it’s already registered and plated in the states!

Quick note – the Limited Edition is special because it was just so much better than everything else at the time – it weighed 60 pounds less, it had a $2,000 dry clutch, remote reservoir rear shock, wider rear wheel, 41mm forks, NEAS anti-dive system, steering damper, solo seat with cowl, larger brakes…the list goes on and on, and it’s why the Limited Edition cost 50% more than the base bike. But the JDM version is even cooler to me thanks to extra features that Americans didn’t get (and of course, the rarity). Said features included flat slide carbs, black exhaust, a fuel gauge, and several pieces that the NHTSA would not have allowed – headlight on/off switch, city lights, tinted turn signals, no side reflectors, etc. To be fair, I think the red/white/blue scheme of the US Limited Edition is better looking, but I have to imagine it’d be hard for a 80s Japanese sportbike enthusiast to pass up on the JDM version.

This example (VIN: gr71g100138) has 7,986 miles and the seller says it’s a 9.5/10 in terms of condition. The cosmetics are in good shape and there are no mechanical or electrical issues. The bike was just given a service and new tires and it should be ready to go.

Find this JDM Limited Edition for sale in Auburn, Washington with bidding up to $11,600 and the reserve not yet met

Note that this seller sold a similar bike about a year ago for $16,500.

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