JDM – 1986 Ducati 750 F1B

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Post Listing Update: This F1B did not meet reserve despite $10,100 after 8 bids on eBay in Los Angeles, California.

Per Mick Walker’s Illustrated Ducati Buyer’s Guide, “the prototype of what was to emerge as the 750 F1 engine appeared in several long-distance endurance races in 1983, including the Le Mans 24 Hours. This beautiful Japanese Domestic Market F1B pays homage to those endurance racers with an inspired livery full of period-correct decals.

The F1B is one of the most collectible machines to come out of Borgo Panigale, and most of the acclaim is due to the Verlicchi frame. The exquisite design (which used the engine as a stressed member) enabled impressive handling that more than made up for the relatively-underpowered 748cc twin.

At a time when the Japanese 750cc sportbikes were topping 90 horsepower, the Ducati was producing approximately 60. But the difference was only notable in a straight line, as the light weight and Marzocchi suspension made the 750 F1B faster everywhere else. Per Mr. Walker, who noted that the 28 degree rake and long trail necessitated the use of a steering damper: “otherwise its handling and roadholding are beyond reproach, performing in the same impeccable fashion whether threading your way through city traffic or negotiating high-speed swervies at over 120 mph.”

This example (VIN: ZDM750R7501216, Engine #: ZDM750L*7501424*) was originally sold in Japan, which is why it has the ceramic numbered plaque on the tail (only found on JDM F1Bs).

That’s also why it has the beautiful JDM-specific glass dot turn signals – a significant improvement over the plastic units found on the US bikes.

It was formerly owned by Johann Keyser of Moto Motivo, a man who loves his F1s:

Photo from Moto Motivo

Johann tore down and went through the bike, performing a rebuild of the top end which included new rings and vapor blasting.

In addition, the fairings were restored and repainted – the wheels still have the OEM paint.

The current owner acquired it two years ago and has put approximately 400 miles on it since.

The odometer shows 14,613 kilometers (9,133 miles).

It is currently equipped with a green Gustafsson windshield (the original is included in sale).

The owner is only selling this because he is 6’2″ and cannot get his knees behind the fairing. He suggests that this would be ideal for a rider under 6 feet tall.

The seller notes that this bike utilizes a GP shift.

There are a few cosmetic issues commensurate with the age and mileage. The seller points out some paint chips on the on the right side of the tail, some scratches , and a large chip in the front of the bellypan. We have included photos of these issues in the album, but please let us know if there are any additional photos you require.

The seller has an optional set of dual Marchal lights with a custom bracket that he would be willing to sell separately to the winner.

Let’s conclude with another quote from Mick Walker’s book: “To the true believer, the F1…represents the last of the real Ducatis…the traditionally raw, sporting motorcycle, without an ounce of surplus fat anywhere to be seen.”

Find this F1B for sale in Los Angeles, California with bidding up to $2,605 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $19,500 here on eBay.