Motorcycle Classics Feature – 1958 Honda Benly JC58

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Post Listing Update: This Benly did not meet reserve with 1 bid up to $15,000 on eBay in Chicago, Illinois.

Featured in the November/December 2017 issue of Motorcycle Classics, this Honda Benly has undergone a restoration and is one of few running examples in the US as the model was never officially sold here.

Basic specifications are 9.5 horsepower out of the 125cc single, a top speed of 53 miles per hour, and a dry weight of 242 pounds. But for the full story on this example (VIN: 4J824562), check out Motorcycle Classics.

The quick story is that this Benly was restored by Charlie O’Hanlon of Charlie’s Place. The motor was rebuilt and it got a hi-compression piston, though just 5 test miles have been put on the bike since the work was performed. The seller claims that over $30,000 was invested in the restoration, which also included re-chroming by Global Plating, a CB125 clutch, Buchanans wheel spokes (made of steel and then zinc plated), some reproduction parts made by Clauss Studios, and more. Seeing as less than 500 examples were ever built, finding spare parts can be difficult. As such, the handlebar switches were 3D-printed and “many rubber bits were fabricated but some, due to high fabrication costs, were cleaned/reconditioned and reinstalled.”

Find this Benly for sale in Chicago, Illinois with bidding up to $15,000 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $24,000 here on eBay.

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