Needs Some Work – 1981 Bultaco Frontera MKII Model 215A

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7-18-20 Update: Almost exactly a year later, this Frontera is back up for sale. It looks to be just about the same, though the seller now says that the engine runs well. Find it for sale in Alameda, California with bidding up to $2,200 and the reserve not yet met (as a reminder, the previous asking price was $4,800) here on eBay.

This time around the seller also includes a running video, though it’s from 2010:

The seller of this Frontera notes that it is a rare Model 215 “A”, which means it was “manufactured while the Spanish government was in charge of the company.”

The seller goes on to say that “there are fewer than 10 of these known to be in the USA,” though I haven’t been able to confirm or deny this myself. For more information on the Frontera, check out this period review from Cycle magazine hosted on Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe – amusingly, the article makes a big deal about how “incredible” Bultaco’s 60 day unlimited warranty was.

This example (VIN: HM21504598-A) features some “period changes” by the original owner, as well as custom Works shocks set for a 215 pound rider (original shocks and some other parts are included). Per the seller, the bike just started (with some effort) for the first time in about 8 years after getting fresh oil and gas. It’s currently registered and has new tires. My assumption is that this bike may need a general refresh after a nearly decade-long slumber, but hopefully it won’t need much before you show it off or get it dirty.

Find this Frontera for sale in Alameda, California for $4,800 here on Craigslist.

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