Video Intermission – Old and New: Yamaha R1M and Yamaha RZV500R

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To complement our written review of the 1985 Yamaha RZV500R, Nathan and I thought it might be fun to shoot a quick video of our time with Glenn’s bike. Seeing as we had access to Yamaha’s MotoGP replica from 1985 for a day, we figured it’d be nice to show up on the modern equivalent: a 2020 Yamaha R1M.

The auction for the the RZV500R ends soon on Iconic Motorbike Auctions.

Nathan’s ridden a regular R1 plenty. After 5 minutes with the R1M and its incredible Ohlins electronic suspension, his first words to me were, “I want one.” If you feel the same way, you’ll have to inquire with your local Yamaha dealer because Yamaha just makes one batch a year…

Photo by Nathan May

Thanks to Glenn for lending his RZV500R and Yamaha Motor USA for lending the R1M. And as always, thanks to you for watching!