One Owner – 1969 Indian MM5A

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Post Sale Update: This MM5A sold for $3,650 after 37 bids on eBay in Georgetown, Texas.

The Indian MM5A was a mini bike designed for little children (4-5 year olds) to become familiar with motorcycles, but also the Indian brand. There were two marketing goals with this bike – encourage older riders to share the Indian experience with their children, and also prime the pump for the next generation of riders to want Indian motorcycles. Training wheels were an optional extra that could be mounted on either the axle or the shock mounting bolt. If you chose the latter option, the bike could still be leaned over approximately 25 degrees before the training wheels touched.

Everything about this bike is small. The top speed was 10-12 miles per hour – so slow because the intake manifold is absolutely minuscule. The engine is a 50cc unit made by Morini, producing all of 1.5 horsepower. Dry weight was just 57 pounds, and was equipped with a centrifugal clutch, no transmission. You got a twist throttle and two hand brakes, one for each wheel. It’s just 18 inches tall and the MSRP was a scant $249. In fact, the only number that was big was the estimated miles per gallon – a whopping 200!

The seller of this example got it for Christmas when he was six years old – he says that he quickly grew out of it and that it originally came with training wheels which were ‘thrown out a few weeks later.’ The “Indian” script on the tank was hand painted by the seller’s father, the seat has been recovered, and the fenders + chain guard were special ordered. The fuel tank has been drained but the engine has oil and the seller says that he kicks it over “bi weekly to make sure it stays lubed and compression is good.” It’s offered with a bill of sale.

Find this MM5A for sale in Georgetown, Texas with bidding up to $1,725 here on eBay.

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