Out of Office – Passporting Around

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It’s been a while since Nathan and I have taken a weekend off to goof around with a bike and try to get some fun photos and video. That changes today!

Months ago, I saw a story on Jalopnik about a Honda Passport that had been modified with a rooftop tent and a few other off-road accouterments. The story was about the writer staying in the rooftop tent, so there wasn’t much in the way of actually driving around. I logged it in the back of my mind, thinking it’d be fun to do a combined Passport/dirtbike story.

Photo from Honda

That’s why Nathan, his wife Ellen, our buddy Erik Smith, and I are heading out to the desert with the modified Passport and a new CRF450L. Both vehicles have been around for a while so I don’t have any plans to do a formal review – we’re more interested in capturing some cool photos with some Hondas in them.

Here’s one example of what we’re going to goof around with from when Nathan went on a scouting run earlier this week: light painting with a drone.

Have a great weekend!

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