Video Intermission – King of the Baggers Practice at Laguna Seca

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Back in February I let you know that MotoAmerica was adding an unexpected class to the Laguna Seca round – baggers! The race happens this week, and I thought that you might want to see how the 3rd practice session went as MotoAmerica made that video available for free:

Skip to 2:00 to get to the madness. Tyler O’Hara is smoking everyone on his modified Indian Challenger. There are 13 entries – 2 Indians and 11 Harley-Davidsons. The two Indians are in the top three, time wise, which Harley should be embarrassed by. I also wish that Honda and BMW had entries with their Gold Wing and K1600B, respectively. At least Ari and Zack gave Laguna their best shot on those bikes back when they were with Motorcyclist:

Here’s the practice session (skip to 2:30) – I have to admit it’s way more entertaining than I thought for a few laps (and I also think if COVID wasn’t a factor that anyone who was there for the weekend would be checking this out for the novelty) but that’s pretty much all I was willing to give it:

Confusingly, around 27:30 in the above video we see footage of Frankie Garcia on a Indian somehow crashing…in the pits. No one’s able to definitely explain what happened and I haven’t found any news, hopefully he’s OK and we’ll find out what happened soon.

Two things:
1.) if they keep doing this, they’ll need to come up with rules for minimum luggage capacity.
2.) if you want to see the actual race on Saturday, you’ll need to subscribe to MotoAmerica’s Live+ streaming service. They’re offering this weekend’s racing for $9.99.