1953 BSA Golden Flash A10

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Post Listing Update: This A10 got no interest at the opening bid of $5,400. It was then relisted and pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

A 646cc parallel twin, the BSA Golden Flash was the predecessor of the Super Rocket. It was available in black and chrome, but also in the gold paint scheme shown here that led to the distinctive name. Oddly enough, the gold color (called Polychromatic Golden Beige) wasn’t an option for home-market British customers.

The Golden Flash was introduced in 1949, and was available with a rigid rear or a plunger suspension. It wasn’t designed to be a sport bike, but it was still fast compared to the competition. It could top 100 miles per hour and knock out a sub 16-second quarter mile.

This example (VIN: 2078417739) is said to have been given a mechanical once-over with a rebuilt generator, solid state regulator, and a whole bunch of new parts – cables, clutch, seals, tires, wheels, and more. The seller says that he has ridden it 1,000 miles each year for the last three years with no issues. Cosmetically, the bike has been repainted but it’s not perfect – the important thing is all the metal is straight. The bike was imported from Canada a few years ago and it’s got a custom made tail bag.

Find this Golden Flash for sale in Bath, Maine with an unmet opening bid of $5,400 or a BIN of $6,900

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