100% Kawi – 1966 Kawasaki B8

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Post-Sale Update: After 10 bids on eBay, this Kawasaki B8 did not meet reserve at just $887.

The Kawasaki B8 was based on the Meihatsu B7, which used Kawasaki engines. The B8 line of motorcycles, also known as the BN125 Eliminators, were produced from 62-65 and were the first to be entirely manufactured by Kawasaki. While rare in the United States, the B8’s were popular in Japan, supposedly due to their durability and relatively low operating costs. At the time, Kawasaki was an aircraft manufacturer, and the B8s were designed with technical expertise they had accumulated developing aircraft engines. In fact, the tank badges say “Kawasaki Aircraft.” The 125cc engine was a two-stroke that produced 11 horsepower at over 8,000 rpm.

Kawasaki B8 - Front

This bike was also the basis for the first racing bike Kawasaki ever produced – the “B8M Red-Tank Furore” motocross bike. The B8 came with a large chrome fuel tank with bike color accents, a 2-up seat, chrome front fender, and an optional luggage rack (which this bike comes with!)

Kawasaki B8 - Gas Tank

This specific Kawasaki B8 has been in the current seller’s possession for 32 years! The bike was restored 15 years ago and hasn’t seen the road much since then. All the basics seem to be in good shape, though the seller takes some time to mention some minor issues that should be taken care of.

Kawasaki B8 - Gauges

The seller has put up plenty of photos of his bike here on Fotki.

Kawasaki B8 - Left Side

Find this Kawasaki B8 for sale here on eBay with an Buy-It-Now price of $3,000 in Salt Lake City, Utah.