1994 Honda Pacific Coast

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Post-Sale Update: After being relisted, this Honda Pacific Coast sold for $6,500.

The Honda Pacific Coast was considered a radical bike when it debuted, designed specifically for the US market (and named after the PCH). With its integrated trunk, unique bodywork, and automotive-like instrumentation, the Pacific Coast was marketed towards white-collar professionals as an easy daily rider. These really were some of the easiest motorcycles in the world to own and maintain, with a comfortable riding position, low-maintenance shaft drive, and a reliable drivetrain that can easily go 80-100k with just regular services.

Honda Pacific Coast - Left Side

By far the niftiest feature of the Honda Pacific Coast was the integrated trunk. The passenger seat was attached to a trunk lid that was controlled by a pull release under the lockable gas cap. Two storage areas flanked the rear wheel, and the space was huge – you could easily store two full-face helmets and two medium-sized bags, or plenty of groceries. It really was a game-changer at the time – shame the PC800 sold poorly. The Pacific Coast was actually offered in two model runs – from 1991-1993, it wasn’t offered. While this bike might have been ahead of its time in many ways, it never really captured the public’s imagination, and it was eventually relegated to the world of commercial failures.

Honda Pacific Coast - Trunk

This specific Honda Pacific Coast has had some serious upgrades, which the seller is using to justify an impressive buy-it-now price. Thankfully, all the modifications seem to be reversible. Modifications include a custom fabricated handlebar risers (custom-made because apparently no aftermarket supplier makes risers for this bike), an Utopia back rest, and a Shad rear case. There’s also wiring for a stereo (and marine speakers), adjustable highway pegs, and a car tire on the rear.

Honda Pacific Coast - Gauges

Find this Honda Pacific Coast for sale here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now price of $7,900 in Camillus, New York.

Honda Pacific Coast - Right Side