1971 Honda CB500

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Post Sale Update: This CB500 sold for $3,575 after 2 bids on eBay.

If you push the starter button on your bike today and it roars to life without protest, then you have Honda and their CB line to thank. Greatly increased reliability along with the tagline, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda,” skyrocketed motorcycling into the hobby we all enjoy today. 1971 was the first year for the middleweight 500, and 50hp is enough to tip the smiles per gallon scale in its favor. It’ll carry you to 100 mph, which I imagine feels like about 150 mph on a machine of this vintage.

This 1971 example (VIN: CB5001008611) has seen a relatively standard life. It is not a showroom bike, but its 9058 miles have been relaxed, with simple repairs conducted to the exhaust when rust showed its ugly face. Not Concours worthy solutions, of course, but definitely good enough to get you to your next bike meet or coffee shop. The bike has also been repainted in its original starlight gold color, giving it a fresh look for a bike so old. This CB500 is a well maintained rider, meant to be enjoyed either by yourself or at the parking lot concours, and is easily clean enough to turn heads.

Find this CB500 for sale in Battle Creek, Michigan with an unmet opening bid of $3,575

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