1989 Honda GB500 – The British Bike from Japan

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In the late 80s, Honda took a risk and sleeved down the motor from the popular XR600 dual-sport, prettied it up, and surrounded it with cafe-style bodywork evoking images of 60s British cafe racers.


Only imported into the States from 1989-1990, the Honda GB500 was too slow for American tastes at the time and thus sold poorly.  It wasn’t cheap and it wasn’t fast, but it was gorgeous – and now it’s a modern classic.


Also known as the Tourist Trophy, this thumper was supposed to have the good looks of a British mod racer with the reliability of a Honda – and in general, these bikes delivered. The current owner has owned it for 7 years and it looks to be in good shape.  Only modifications are the bar end mirrors and Supertrapp exhaust, which remedies the common complaint that the OEM exhaust tone did not match up with the looks of the GB500.


These bikes are truly collectible, and appreciation for them is only rising. But beware!  If you’re taller than 6′, you may have trouble with this one.  Find this Honda GB500 here on Craigslist in Venice, CA for $4700.