Black and White – 1974 BMW R90/6 Hack

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The R90/6 was introduced to the world in 1974 and came out to instant acclaim from motorcycling magazines.  Cycle World stated, “The new BMW R90/6 is so exciting it’s difficult to find a point at which to begin describing it,” and other magazines has similar praise ready to go.  Providing a much needed bump in power from the R75/5, the extra 150cc brought an extra 10 horsepower (up to 60), and powered this bike to a top speed of 115mph.


This bike, though, deserves special attention, because it’s a hack – and we love sidecars!  Color-matched in black and white, a 1954 Jupiter (Sputnik) sidecar graces the side of this slash 6.  The all steel body encloses a removable seat which hides plenty of storage in the rear of the sidecar.  That combine with the Wixom bags means you’ll have all the storage space you need for months on the road.


Lester mags complete the visual – though the car’s got a spoke wheel.  This package looks to be in great shape and would be the perfect way to cart along a passenger or dog wherever you want to go.


Find this BMW R90/6 here on ADVRider in Farmington, Utah.