April Fools 2018 in Motorcycling

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For some reason, every year several companies feel obligated to put up something for April Fools even though they clearly didn’t have anything clever ready to go. On the other hand, you can tell other companies have been planning this for at least a few weeks. In alphabetical order, here’s everything I could find in terms of April Fools stories this year from our favorite brands in motorcycling:

Aerostich App-Enabled R-3 Suit.
“The all new version of the Aerostich Roadcrafter R-3 one piece suit now features an integrated APP. Each suit has all the original R-3 features (zipper, pockets, TF armor, etc.), while incorporating an all-new proprietary interactive sensor array integrated with an A.I.C. (Artificial Intelligence Capability) mobile app. The more you wear this R-3, the better the APP learns your individual riding style by automatically monitoring heart rate, posture, hydration, hunger, stress and bowel/bladder/B.O situation.”

Asphalt & RubberMotoGP Introducing “Transfer Window” for Rider Contracts
“This frenzy of negotiations has caused the factories to push for the introduction of a “transfer window”, a practice common in other sports such as soccer. From the 2020 season, when the next round of rider contracts is due, negotiations will only be allowed to take place within a narrow window, with deals signed within that window and no talks allowed either before or after. That window will be in the week following the final race of the year at Valencia.”

BMWBMW Motorrad iParts Revolutionizes Spare Parts Management
“Beginning in September, BMW Motorrad will be offering BMW Motorrad iParts as an optional equipment item. It is a 3D printing system that will allow BMW Motorrad dealers and customers to print out spare parts, as needed, to enable riders to continue their journey as quickly as possible.”

Canada MotoGuide – Legal Loophole Allows Battery Bikes to Flaunt Loud Pipes (credit to bjme)

Enduro 21KTM switches from orange to “BOLD PINK”

Kawasaki (UK)Set New Limits – The Kawasaki Ninja H20
“Enter the Kawasaki Ninja H2O, the world’s first aquatic hyperbike. Based on the H2, the Ninja H2O allows riders to go where few riders have before and extend their ride across the water. Summer rides no longer need stop at the beach, the Ninja H2O switching from ‘Road’ to ‘Water’ mode with the press of a button. Simply ride the Ninja H2O to the water’s edge, engage ‘Water’ mode and enjoy the 300+ horsepower machine. Returning to road riding is equally as simple, return to the water’s edge and re-engage ‘Road’ mode.”

Mosko MotoSoft Diapers. Hard Travel. Mosko Technical Riding Diapers. (credit to Maryland Moto)

MotoGPSchwantz to wildcard at COTA with NTS
“MotoGP™ Legend Kevin Schwantz is set to make a stunning return to racing at the Grand Prix of the Americas in 2018. The American, who won the 1993 500 World Championship, will be lining up in Moto2™ at NTS RW Racing GP alongside compatriot Joe Roberts and his teammate Steven Odendaal. Schwantz will be the oldest rider on the grid by some margin, but has been given special dispensation to ride.”

“The world’s most popular toy meets the world’s biggest-selling motorcycle helmet manufacturer in the funky shape of the FG-70S Lego Head. It combines the playful fun and character of Lego with the serious protection offered by HJC’s lightweight open-face helmet. Choose from a range of Lego’s famous facial expressions, which are carried on the back of the helmet’s lightweight polycarbonate shell, and even take it a step further with a range of optional clip-on accessories to customise your Lego helmet.”

Triumph (UK)Great Escape at the Triumph Adventure School
“From April 1st, riders need not fear for their safety, with a multi-coloured softplay-style ball pit landing area on hand to guarantee a comfortable landing. There will also be a bouncy castle and viewing gallery with picnic tables to allow friends and family to relax as their loved ones hurdle the imposing structure…The new feature pays homage to the Triumph TR6 Trophy ridden by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.”

Upshift OnlineKTM to Announce 2019 1090 Adventure E
“Expanding on the Freeride E-XC, KTM is adding an all-electric adventure bike to the lineup. Full specs have not been announced, but we know that a 8.7kWh battery has been in development as well as optional auxiliary, pannier mounted batteries that add 3.2kWh each. Weight and range numbers are not available yet. Stay tuned for more details as they come in.”

The Vintagent – Harley-Davidson to ‘Blow Coal’? On a serious note, Paul’s got an excellent story on what HD manufacturing was like in 1918.
“In a stunning announcement, the Board of Harley-Davidson announced a major shift in their 2019 lineup, with a revolutionary external-combustion steam engine, powered by coal! “It’s clean, it’s green, and it’s all-American’, said H-D President Matt Levatich in a private conversation. They’ve purchased the Cyclone steam engine company, with their 100hp compact steam turbine that burns anything combustible, even coal.”

Photo from The Vintagent

WisecoWiseco Announces 4-Stroke-To-2-Stroke Conversion Kits
“After 5 years of extensive R&D, we have developed the ability to create custom 2-stroke cylinders, pistons, and heads that will bolt up to your stock 4-stroke bottom end. You can now have that brand new KX250 or CR250 you’ve been dreaming of!”

Yamaha EuropeYZF-R3 Bunny Edition

More will come throughout the day, and I’ll update them as I hear about them. Did you see any that I missed? What was your favorite?

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