Who’s Going to MotoGP 2018?

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March is wrapping up, which means that in three weeks the city of Austin will turn into motorcycling paradise with MotoGP and the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show. Nathan and I will be there – will you? Leave a comment below or send me an email: abhi AT bike-urious.com and let’s meet!

As a reminder of what to expect, here’s my story from last year. For those of you that can’t attend in person, there are two main options to catch the race:

1. Stream it online with MotoGP’s proprietary VideoPass. It’s not cheap but they do offer a free trial.
2. Watch it on TV. The US provider is beIN sports – you’ll have to figure out what channel that is for you.

It’s not too late to make travel arrangements, so here’s a few of my favorite photos from last year to convince you to join if you haven’t pulled the trigger yet! I sincerely hope to see you out there.

I assume I won’t be able to get away with this shot again…

After the race, you’re allowed to walk on a portion of the track. Take advantage of it!

Photo by Nathan May

This photo is actually from 2 years ago. I think you’ll get over it.

When I’m not at the track, I’m either trying to drink beer or eat BBQ. Often times my goals are achieved simultaneously .

Baby Jack was very popular with the track workers.

Nathan got some great shots last year. This year he’s bringing even fancier equipment and I’m looking forward to seeing what he shoots!

Marquez en route to his victory last year. Will he be able to repeat? Photo by Nathan May.

Rossi celebrates his 2nd place finish.

I may try to see if we can get a little Bike-urious meet up going on Friday or Saturday night. Either way, see you there!