Bought on Bike-urious – A Norton Tale

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My favorite posts on Bike-urious are the “Bought on Bike-urious” series. It’s very rewarding to be able to help you guys and gals find the next bike of your dreams. With that in mind, I think the perfect way to wrap up my posts on Christmas is with an introduction to Jean, who regaled with me with the following story of how he acquired a Commando I featured two months ago:

Bought on Bike-urious - Norton Commando - Rear Right

From Jean:
Bike-urious has been my daily read for now over six months. I once bumped into the site looking for some info on Laverdas and got hooked. Perfect layout, interesting stories, beautiful bikes and, most of the time, the very same bikes I would myself “die” for….

My friend Etienne and I have been collecting motorcycles for the last…thirty years. Our first buy together was a BMW R80ST in 1985 and we still own it. The counter now stands at 13 bikes of which Laverda (2), BMW (3), Ducati (2), Hinckley Triumph (3), a Moto Guzzi, a Harley, and, the latest addition, a Norton.

Bought on Bike-urious - Norton Commando - Norton Road

We had been looking for a Commando for quite a while. Etienne likes cafe-racer, I like “original” bikes and we couldn’t agree. Until “Dear Abhi” inserted in his daily blog a link to a 1971 Commando for sale on ADVRider. That was it, that was THE bike!! We both agreed that it had to enter the collection. The only catch: The bike was in Oregon and I am in Maryland (the “collection” is actually split between the United States –where I live– and France –where Etienne lives– but it’s too long a story to be told here).

Bought on Bike-urious - Norton Commando - Riding

Anyway, the draw was too strong and we bought it unseen (we usually never do that) and had it shipped to Maryland. The seller was very helpful and nice and the bike was better in reality than “on paper”. It’s running perfectly and is now sharing my garage here with a 2000 Triumph Thunderbird Sport, my daily ride.

Bought on Bike-urious - Norton Commando - Unloading

So thanks to you Abhi, keep up the good work and next time you come to France, you’re our guest!!