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Dirt Sports – 1989 Honda FTR250

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Available only in Japan, the Honda FTR250 was a popular ‘flat-tracker’ 223cc alternative to Yamaha’s TW series, which we saw in the states. Styled after the RS750 (Honda’s second crack at making a competitive flat tracker, which absolutely dominated the AMA with four straight championships in the 80s), the FTR was an instant 80s classic that’s still being produced to …

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Featured First – 1981 BMW R80GS

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Nowadays, the BMW R/GS series is well-known in the motorcycling world as the bikes that launched the concept of big-bore dual sporting. No small part of that is due to the documentary of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman going the Long Way Round the world on BMW R1150GS Adventures. Hell, we’re guilty of it ourselves – there’s a R1150GS parked …

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1989 Honda Transalp XL600V

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Post-Listing Update: This Honda Transalp XL600V got some offers but did not sell at the asking BIN price. After being relisted at a starting bid of $1,800, it still got no action. Odd. The Honda Transalp XL600V was a dual-sport that was truly ahead of its time. A slightly less off-road biased cousin of the Honda Africa Twin, the Transalp …

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2000 Harley Davidson MT500

In America, Dual-Sport by Abhi1 Comment

10/11 Update: Try 3! We expect the bike to sell this time, as they’ve finally lowered the opening bid to something feasible, and there’s no reserve. Check it out here – but if it doesn’t sell, we’re not featuring it again. 10/4 Update: Try 2 – this bike has been relisted yet again, with a BIN price of $8,200. 9-24 Update: …

1969 Kawasaki Sidewinder 250 F4

In Dual-Sport, Japan, Off-Road by Abhi3 Comments

The Kawasaki Sidewinder was a dual sport geared towards the expanding trail riding market in America. Produced for only two years, it utilized the same 238cc engine found other Kawi off-roaders to save costs, and it came with DeCarbon rear shocks and quick detachable lights to help quickly switch from on to off-road.

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Custom Flat Tracker

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We’re going to take a submission from reader Steve B. and mix it up a little today. This Custom Flat Tracker is built around the heart of a Honda XR650R motor, and features top notch aftermarket components.

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1987 Honda Fat Cat 200

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Post Sale Update: This Honda Fat Cat sold for $1,999. The Honda Fat Cat was a motorcycle made only for two years, similar to the well-known Yamaha TW200. With a 199cc four-stroke engine putting power through a five speed transmission and an automatic clutch, this bike was unique due to its use of two ATV-style tires.

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1970 Ducati 450 Scrambler

In Dual-Sport, Italy by Abhi3 Comments

Post-Sale Update: This Ducati 450 Scrambler sold for $6,650. Two yellow Ducs in a row! The Ducati 450 Scrambler was a popular bike in the 60s and 70s, and was the biggest engine available in the Scrambler line. The 450 model was also known in the US as the Jupiter, and was an Enduro before the term arguably gained popularity. …

Dual Sport Unicorn – 1993 Honda Africa Twin XRV750

In Dual-Sport, Japan by Abhi5 Comments

The Honda Africa Twin is an absolute legend in the dual-sporting community, and American riders were always heartbroken that this beauty never made it to the United States. We almost never see these up for sale in the states, so we’re very excited to feature one for you now. How good is this bike? It’s based on the NXR-750, which …

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1999 Harley Davidson HD MT500

In America, Dual-Sport by Abhi8 Comments

Post-Sale Update: This Harley Davidson HD MT500 sold for $8,111.11 after 40 bids on eBay. This HD MT500 is one of the rarest bikes to ever come out of the HD factory, and we’re huge suckers for it at Bike-urious. Originally built by the British in the 80s, rights to this bike were sold by Armstrong-CCM to HD, who sold …

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1979 Yamaha XT500

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The Yamaha XT500 was the original Yamaha thumper, and an instant sales success. This enduro bike was produced for 15 years, eventually leading to an entire range of “XT” bikes of avarying displacements and cementing Yamaha’s reputation as a quality dual sport maker in the American and European markets.

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Yamaha TW200

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Ready for a laugh (in the good way)? Check out this Yamaha TW200, which has been modified beyond belief. The stock TW200 is an unique runabout that features a fat rear tire and excellent gas mileage and has become a slow but very capable dual-sport. This bike takes the fat rear tire concept to an extreme, with an ATV tire …

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1980 Harley Davidson XR750

In America, Dual-Sport by Abhi2 Comments

The Harley Davidson XR750 is a legend in dirt-track racing, the winningest bike in AMA racing history. It’s also well known for being the bike of choice of the quintessential stunt rider, Evel Knievel. Knievel used the bike from 1970 to 1977 – Harley Davidson stopped sponsoring the daredevil after he was convicted of assaulting someone. The XR750 still gets …