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Snowbird – 2005 Honda CRF450X

In America, Dual-Sport, Japan by Abhi4 Comments

Post-Sale Update: After 21 bids on eBay, this Honda CRF450X sold for $4,500. Living in Southern California, I’m almost always glad the weather is warm enough to ride all year-round. This is one of the very few times where I wish there was snow on the ground. The Honda CRF450X is already one of my favorite street-legal dual-sports, but this …

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1968 Benelli Fireball 50

In Dual-Sport, Italy by Abhi1 Comment

Post-Listing Update: This Benelli Fireball 50 did not get any action at the opening bid of $1,500. This Benelli Fireball 50 has been with the same family since new nearly 50 years ago, and has just 701 miles. It’s almost entirely original, it runs well, and it even has the original MSO and sales slip from Cosmopolitan Motors, which we …

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Featured First – 1973 Yankee Z500

In America, Dual-Sport by AbhiLeave a Comment

Post-Sale Update: After 8 bids on eBay, this Yankee Z500 sold for $3,550. In the early 70s, John Taylor of Schenectady, New York started building the Yankee Z500, an American dual-sport designed to compete with the best bikes coming out of Europe. Yankee Motor Company started by importing machines from OSSA, the Spanish off-road powerhouse, and then moved to modifying …

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1974 Montesa Cota 123

In Dual-Sport, Small Displacement, Spain by AbhiLeave a Comment

An excellent beginner trials bike (some of our readers probably started on one of these), the Montesa Cota 123 is now a simple reminder that bikes don’t have to be giant hunks of metal and horsepower for you to have fun on them. New riders are often stunned by how tiny the original Montesa’s are, likening them to a large …

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Street Scrambler – 1971 Norton Commando SS

In Dual-Sport, England by Abhi7 Comments

Post-Sale Update: Unfortunately, this Norton Commando SS was pulled from eBay. Final sale price unknown. Today, we feature a bike that we didn’t even know existed – the Norton Commando SS. Considering the history of Norton bikes, you’d be excused for assuming that SS stands for Super Sport, and that this might be one of a limited number of factory …

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Desert Sled – 1967 Norton N15CS

In Dual-Sport, England by AbhiLeave a Comment

Post-Listing Update: This Norton N15CS Desert Racer was pulled off of eBay after bidding hit $4,494.44, but the final sale price is unknown. After Norton moved production to Plumstead in the early 60s, they had a few leftover engines from the less-than-popular Atlas line. They threw those engines into Matchless frames to create a series of hybrids under the Norton, …

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Yamaha Power – 2001 MZ Baghira

In Dual-Sport, Germany by Abhi3 Comments

Post Sale Update: This Baghira sold for $2,025 after 12 bids on eBay. MZ decided to expand their product line with the introduction of the MZ Baghira, a dual sport with excellent components – bodywork from Acerbis, motor from Yamaha, and suspension from WP. It all combined to make a rare and very satisfying dual purpose motorcycle.

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Electric Dual Sport – Zero DS 11.4

In America, Dual-Sport by Abhi2 Comments

Dual-sport bikes usually conjure up dreams of trips to Alaska and remote exploration. You might not associate a bike that needs to be charged every 100-150 miles with those types of trips, but if you’re someone who trailers a bike to the good stuff, the Zero DS 11.4 might just be the bike for you.

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Italian Bonanza

In Dual-Sport, Italy, Sport by Abhi1 Comment

Reader David N. alerted us to a veritable treasure trove of classic late 80’s Italians, all being offered by one seller outside of Oklahoma City. We’ve actually written descriptions on all of these models of bikes before, so we won’t bore you with individual details this time around. If you want to learn more about the history about any given …

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Rare Russian – 1992 Voskhod 3M-01

In Dual-Sport by AbhiLeave a Comment

Post-Sale Update: This Voskhod 3M-01 sold for $1,100. Since 1965, a company based out of Kovrov, Russia has been pumping out a variety of motorcycles, all of which utilize a 173cc engine. Some of you may remember these bikes branded as the Cossack, sold in the UK in the 70s, but we’d be impressed if you’ve heard of any of …

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Rare For The Wrong Reason – 1973 Penton Mudlark

In America, Dual-Sport by Abhi2 Comments

Post Listing Update: This Mudlark did not meet reserve despite 23 bids up to $7,400. Every once in a while, we encounter a bike that’s rare not by choice. Today’s example of that is the Penton Mudlark, one of the rare flops from John Penton and his self-titled, now defunct, manufacturing firm. Originally designed as a trials bike, it was …