Hontang – 1953 Mustang Stallion with Honda 500 Engine

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Over the long life of the Mustang (which started as a homemade bike built by an employee of Gladden to commute on during World War II), there were several different models. By the time they hit Model 4, they had evolved a Standard line and a Special line, the latter of which was differentiated with performance upgrades. The Special eventually became the Stallion – and that’s what someone has shoved a Honda 500/4 engine into here!

Hontang - Rear Right

The Stallion produced 10.5 horsepower, 4 speeds in the transmission, and two tone paint, most of which doesn’t apply to this example thanks to the Honda motor. With that said – the seller says it’s a 500 in the post title and then a 550 in the post text – are any of you able to identify it? Either way, the seller says it runs, so find this Hontang for sale in Tarzana, California for $3,995 here on Craigslist.

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