In England – 2004 Sachs 800 Roadster

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Sachs is probably best known in the motorcycling world for their success in the 60s under the Fichtel & Sachs name when they took over Victoria, Express, and DKW and produced several small displacement motorcycles (as well as the Wankel-powered Hercules/DKW a few years later). After a break due to financial problems, Sachs got back to building motorized two-wheelers in 1997 (such as the MadAss). While the MadAss was officially imported to the US in small numbers, other offerings such as the 800 Roadster were not.

Click here to see Sachs full 2004 range – the 800 Roadster was their second-most expensive offering. The generically-named Roadster utilizes a Suzuki 800 motor (specifically the one from the VL800 Intruder cruiser) with twin Mikuni 36mm carbs. Peak output was 57 horsepower and 52 lb-ft of torque. The styling was fairly generic as well, though I think it’s aged well. But that seems to be the problem – any review you can find about it now says that the bike was well-built and an adequate performer, but it lacked any sort of “wow” factor. Per MCN: “It seems a bit busy, trying to be part roadster, part sportsbike, part cruiser and the result is a slightly disappointing, split-personality that doesn’t really deliver on any level. You can have fun and it’ll make you smile… But it’s unlikely to ever have you screaming into your crash helmet for more.

This example has 13,800 miles and two owners. The seller states that it is in “excellent condition all around” and is current on its English paperwork. Find this Sachs for sale in Kent, United Kingdom for approximately $6,700 here at Godin Sporting Cars & Motorcycles LTD.