Italian Spec Racer – 1980 Aspes Yuma

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Post-Listing Update: Unfortunately, this Aspes Yuma did not attract any bidding at the $9,900 opening price.

Aspes was a small Italian manufacturer that produced bikes from ’61-’82, though they were recently brought back to life in 2008. As they never imported bikes to the US, very few Americans have even heard of the firm, let alone seen their lovely creations. One of said lovely creations was the Aspes Yuma, a 125cc sport bike that took the Colin Chapman philosophy of trying to minimize weight, which helped this bike hit a top speed of 85 miles per hour, by far the fastest in the segment.

Aspes Yuma - Left Side

This high speed was one of the many reasons why the Aspes Yuma proved to be quite successful in Italy and France, and it sparked a make-specific cup race that ran from ’77-’79. The production bike was marketed as an aggressive sport bike, with a peaky revband from the two-stroke thumper engine – it was rather gutless until 5,000 rpm, and then a ‘little demon’ from 7.5k to 11k. By 1978, the engine produced 19 horsepower at 10,000 rpm, making it the fastest (and priciest) 125cc bike in the market. Relative to other bikes, the Yuma had high vibrations and relatively poor gas mileage.

Aspes Yuma - Gauges

This specific Aspes Yuma is one of the cup racers (hence the Criterium model name), and is claimed to be brand new. We assume there’s a slight translation issue, and that this bike has been recently restored, with no miles since the restoration. We can’t stop staring at how beautiful it is.

Aspes Yuma - Rear

Find this Aspes Yuma for sale with an opening bid of $9,900 in Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Aspes Yuma - Tank

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