Picture Intermission – My Favorite Bike at Ride for Kids!

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Today is the LA running of Ride for Kids, so I went to announce some news (more on that later) and support the cause! There were lots of great motorcycles, including a staggering amount of minibikes like Groms and Monkeys. But my favorite bike is a bit of an oddball. Can you identify it at first glance?

Here’s the other side, which should make it easier:

It’s a Honda RC51!

I asked the owner (a nice gentleman named Noel) if it was a SP1 or SP2.

His response? “It’s a SP-Frankenstein!”

The tank is from a ’76 CB750, but some of the contents were emptied out.

The fuel pump is external and is hidden by this cheese-grater sidecover:

What do you guys think? Is this cool, or am I just weird?

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